Our Organ



Designed and constructed by John Brombaugh

The Kaynor organ was designed to complement the archi-
tecture of Grace Church, reflecting a sense of lasting strength
and simplicity, and is an accurate reproduction of the organs of Bach’s time.

The organ pipework stands upon the windchest, which is connected to the manuals and pedalboard by a completely mechanical means known as “tracker action”. (Only the bellows, hidden behind the organ, are operated electrically, thus obviating the need for strong altar boys.)

The organ has two manuals (keyboards), ten registers (stops), and fourteen ranks (sets of pipes). The hinged doors for the upper case provide protection and reflective surfaces for the organ’s sounds, and are usually closed during Holy Week. Materials used in the construction include tin and lead (pipes), mastadon ivory for the manual’s white keys, oak, sugar pine, ebony, and Brazilian rosewood. Some pipes have been embossed and gilded with 23K gold leaf. It is decorated with Christian symbols including angelic emblems, trumpets, and representations of the four Apostles.

Several books on nationally known organs have included information about and pictures of the Kaynor organ. Many organists have traveled to Ellensburg to hear and play our organ.
Given by the Kaynor and Crimp families and other members of the congregation.