— During the week of August 18 through 22 the office will be open or closed somewhat differently, as our secretary Mary will be the only office staff in town. Hours will be sent out as available. Thank you for your summer patience!

– Collections for the Back-to-School supplies continues. Donations may be dropped off in the basket in the narthex. If you wish to donate $$ to the cause, there is a small basket on the narthex table, or you may drop it off at the office. Thanks for your participation!

— They’re baaaa-aaack! Ladies of Grace will meet on August 12th at 12:00 noon at Ann Nourse’s home. It will be a luncheon potluck. If you wish to carpool, meet at the church at 11:30. See you…..Enid

– This week your prayers are asked for:
Bonita Kennedy, cataract surgery on Monday
Willa Lou Bruketta, hip surgery coming up
Lance Wood, Mary Bird Wood’s husband, who suffered a major heart attack last week.
Charlie Hubbard, recovering from bronchitis

— Sunday morning after Morning Prayer drop in to hear the wonderful Gospel choir downtown at the Sunday Jazz in the Valley presentation!

– Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help in the parks.

– Our week assisting at FISH’s meals-in-the-park begins next Monday. Thanks to all who have contributed to the weekend packs. We are still short of the hi-protein bars, such as breakfast bars; the 14 1/2 oz size hi-protein meals, such as ravioli, chili, etc.; and individual juice packs. We hope to provide 100 packs for the kids to take home. There is a large container in the narthex for your contribution, or you can provide some cash to either Mary Hubbard or to the office. You may still sign up to participate each day if you wish. The signup sheet is on the narthex table.

— It’s time for the Back-to-School ads. Keep an eye out for bargains for our gathering in early September (or late August).

— Items needed for our weekend food packets for the kids who come to the FISH Lunch-in-the-park project July 21 through 25: a breakfast bar, juice boxes, packs of crackers and peanut butter or cheese, pull-top cans of a high-caloric meal ( ravioli, etc). Please put in the big container in the narthex. Thanks for your participation!

— The July First Sunday lunch has been cancelled as the Stewardship Ministry folks are going to celebrate the 4th with a holiday. However, there will be a Super Expanded Coffee Hour, so stay and enjoy!

– The Men’s Prayer Group will be on vacation until September. Please join us when we reconvene.

— All are welcome to attend the Stephen Ministry presentation by Dr Jean Lofy on the special physical changes of aging and how to deal with them, Tuesday June 17th, in the meeting room.

— Yesterday Kathy Murray had back surgery in Yakima. David says she’s doing well and will be home tomorrow. Please keep them in your prayers, especially for a full recovery for Kathy.

– Mary (Hubbard) asked me to give a few details about our ministry to the FISH Kids-eat-in-the-parks program: We will probably do our stint the week of July 21. The program runs from 10:45 or so to 1:15 and includes a move from Mt View Park to Kiwanis Park at the halfway point. We will help setup, serve and cleanup and interact with the kids whenever possible. 6 to 8 people a day would be ideal, so check the signup sheet in the narthex. More info will be conveyed as it becomes known. Thanks for your participation!

– Just a reminder, the office will be closed on Fridays June, July and August.

– FISH food for kids in the parks. Our week will be that of July 21st through 25, from about 10:45 to 1:15. Our responsibilities include setup, serving, cleanup, and interaction with the kids. We will start at Mt View park and then proceed to Kiwanis park. We will have NO responsibility for providing the food. There is a signup sheet in the narthex to show your interest in participating. We will need 6 to 8 people each day. If 35 to 40 people sign up, that’s one day each…..

— Some advance notice…….Grace Church will be supporting the FISH lunch-in-the-parks program for kids in mid-July for one week. Volunteers will be needed both to prepare the food and to supervise the site. Soon there will be a signup sheet in the narthex. For further information please call Mary Hubbard 925-7120.

— During the 3 summer months the office will hold regular office hours Monday through Thursday.

— Altar Guild is on summer break and will meet again in September. Scripture Discussion will continue through the summer.

– National Day of Prayer Observance: The KV Ministerial Assn is sponsoring this event. All are invited to attend. It will conclude within an hour for those on lunch time. Fr Vern will be participating and offering one of the prayers for our government, churches, schools, businesses, families, military personnel and media outlets. All are invited and encouraged to attend.

– Many thanks to all who helped in some way during the last few days! You Lectors, Worship Leaders, Crucifers, bell-ringers, musicians, flower arrangers and hospitality hosts are really appreciated!!

– Thank you to all the Passion Gospel readers – Edward Danis, Ruth Ann Stacy, Marjorie Johansen, Megan Henderson, Jim Hawley, Keith Opsal, and Fritz Glover.