FISH Food Bank


Call for Help…

Ellensburg’s FISH Food Bank has more clients this summer, yet fewer food donations from the community (because of vacations and our busy lives), and as you may be aware, because of a decrease in Federal support. Consequently, the food bank’s non-perishable stockpile is low, and we need to send out a call for help:

Could each family in your congregation bring one or two items of non-perishable food to donate for FISH each Sunday for the next few summer months?? If all the churches in Ellensburg could manage this, FISH would feed the hungry without any worry. Please help us! Drop a few cans off each Sunday in your church FISH donation basket, or stop by FISH every few weeks with your family’s donation—or devise a summer plan of your own! We thank you!
See our web site at:


Bill Barber — FISH rep.

Our FISH Food Bank has completed installation of kitchen facilities. With these capabilities hot lunches can be offered several days a week. This will allow both nutritious meals to those in need, and also a place to offer classes in basic nutrition. In order to complete this plan, FISH would like to purchase kitchen utensils, plates, cups, etc. If you can contribute to this important new facet of the FISH program, please let Bill Barber (our representative) know or place your donation in the FISH bowl.

You can donate on line at:

$5 for Fish