About Us


Grace Episcopal Church

Ellenburg, Washington


Grace Church is a dynamic, multi-generational congregation with a 120-year history of serving Ellensburg, surrounding rural areas, and the Central Washington University community (CWU).

The church is located conveniently next to a park and near the university. The sanctuary is regarded widely as an attractive setting for worship. The building as a whole is used at near capacity throughout the year as a result of an active outreach program to the surrounding community.


Grace Church is a welcoming, inclusive and worship-centered parish. Our members are diverse, giving in time and talent, and supportive of each other. The membership includes mainly people over the age of 40 and has very few families with children at present.

Our prayers have been answered for a priest who can feed and tend the flock with the active participation of parishioners. Father Vern McGee has eccepted the position of priest here and has a great opportunity to contribute to membership and Christian commitment.

Our dream is to have a vital church of 100 families or more. We want to have strong youth programs that will fulfill the needs of children and teens. We want to cultivate and increase the volunteer base. We want a priest who will lead us in becoming “all that we can be”

We look forward to helping our new priest and family embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Grace Episcopal Church.