Have you ever been to Camp Cross? Well I have, this year was my 4th
year. I enjoy camp so much that I keep coming back. If you have never
been it is a place of magic, a place to grow, physically and mentally.
I love camp because we are always building bonds with the Lord,
ourselves and friends.
Hear are the top ten reasons why I love Camp Cross:
1: You become more in touch with the Lord.
2: You learn all different types of worship.
3: The staff and counselors make worship fun.
4: You bond with people you would have never met if it weren’t for camp.
5: Every one is friendly.
6: They have some of the best food.
7: They have dances and parties.
8: We play whole camp games.
9: I learn some thing about my self, some thing about the Lord, and
something about my friends.
10: But what I love the most about camp is that my friends and I all
say, “Hey lets all come back next year.” We may be thousands of
miles away [for real--people came from France], and communication may
die down, but the next year when we come face to face our friendship
is resumed, and we can not wait for the next year to come.

by: Avery Blakeney