Wall Hanging



Eternal Life

by Kay Crimp

This magnificent liturgical hanging was designed in 1991 by Kay Crimp, an Ellensburg artist, as a memorial to her husband, Frank Jr.  She died before the quilting was finished.  Friends of Kay completed the quilting of the piece, which now hangs behind the altar, in loving memory of Frank Jr. and Kay.

The central image, the white shaft of light, is the resurrected Lord of Life, Jesus Christ, whose life is grounded on earth and whose upraised arms embrace eternity in the heavens.  These same arms become the cup of life to be shared in communion (the red of wine) with all who answer His invitation.  The glory of heaven and holiness (the gold) becomes intertwined with nature’s shades of greens, blues and purples, which curve gently in the rhythms of nature.

Over all hovers the spiritual presence of God, the God of peace, symbolized in the white doves.  Where there is God, there is

glory – and there is eternal life.

The Jesse Tree

by Marie-Anne Harkness

This more somber, batiked hanging was designed and completed in the 1980’s, when Marie-Anne was an art teacher in the Thorp schools.  She and her family subsequently moved to Auburn.

The hanging depicts the Trinity – the roots (Jesus), the trunk (God the Father), and the Holy Spirit (the dove).  The nested egg seems to symbolize the fruits of the Spirit.  All are uplifted to the holy mountain, or Paradise.